The rays of the rising sun peek just above the horizon.

The sky, a dusty robin egg blue, is streaked with pinks and purples, yellows and orange.

The cold begins to dissipate. The snow may melt. The sun stays out a little longer.

The possibilities are endless. But with endlessness bring the possibility of chaos.

Especially when there are only 28 days.

But like magic, every four years, an extra day appears.

28 becomes 29. 365 becomes 366.

And that is what February means to me.

February is traditionally one of the busiest and stressful months of the year for me. That tradition has continued this year. Between work, family, social life (both real and online), this month has been a little crazy.

The blogging continues. I did not get to post as much content as I had hoped to at the beginning of the month. I’ve always believed in quality over quantity and that is one of my aims here on my blog to create quality content. I will endeavour to do as such. If I feel like blog posts that I have posted don’t feel up to standard I will take them down and rewrite them. I actually did that this month with one of the Superhero Showdown posts. The original post was written really quickly and not as thoroughly thought out as I wanted to and that was by and large the contributing factor to why I didn’t think the post was up to standard. I pulled it, rewrote it, and reposted it. I want to provide good content for those of you who are reading it and hopefully I will be able to continue that.

Reading has definitely fallen to the way side this month due to all the constraints on time that has occurred. I only read about five books this month. I’m actually still reading one of them at the moment. All the writers of the books I have read this month are women, but not women of colour unfortunately. I’m hoping to rectify that soon. My drive to read diversely continues. My favourite novel of the month was Stars Above by Marissa Meyer. It is a short story analogy in the Lunar Chronicles series. This series is one of my favourite ever and goes above and beyond many others that I have read. The characters, the world building, the different storylines and the culmination of all these different aspects in the final book, Winter, was just wonderfully done. The short stories just added so much more depth to the entire series. Marissa Meyer will be continuing the series next with a two of upcoming graphic novels, which I’m ecstatic about. If you haven’t picked up the Lunar Chronicles series, you should!

My health and fitness always goes down around February. The motivation and that sense of ‘new year, new me’ that occurs in January hits a low in February. Results aren’t as noticeable, time is short, and workouts and healthy eating are usually the first to suffer. It’s considerably gotten better since I graduated from university, where my diet during midterm season consisted coffee, red bull, and sugary snacks. I now throw in some vegetables and protein into the mix. Kickboxing continues, and I’m definitely enjoying it. I am looking for another type of fitness class to go along side it. I definitely get a good amount of cardio from kickboxing but I’m looking to do some more toning as well. I just haven’t found something that I’m really interested in to invest time and money into. Completely and utterly failed at the drinking water challenge. Like incredibly failed. I really don’t know how my body functions on such a small amount of liquid that I ingest daily. I really don’t. Which is probably bad.

I got a new bookshelf from Ikea this month. It’s a great bookshelf that I didn’t kill myself building, which is really the great mark of a piece of Ikea furniture for me. It definitely helped motivate me to purge a lot of the magazines that I had been holding onto that I really didn’t have to. Hello. My name is Cindy and I am a magazine hoarder. I literally had copies of Teen Vogue from over 10 years ago. All of them found a new home in the recycling bin. Hopefully they are happy there.

The vacation planning continues. Costa Rica, Cuba, Palm Springs, and San Diego are the destinations sitting atop the list for this year’s vacation spot. Luckily there are a few more months to go to make a decision, but time is definitely a dwindling and decisions have to be made. I’m also looking into going to New York City in November, both as a birthday present to myself and to check out Book Riot Live, a book convention hosted by Book Riot. I still haven’t made a final decision on that but I am definitely swaying towards it more and more. I’ve never been to New York City before and it’s definitely one of the places that I would love to visit. I would love the Canadian dollar to go back up, not even by a lot, like maybe 10 cents. Come on, Canadian dollar!

I still have yet to make a decision about school mostly because I haven’t had anytime to look at everything and work on all the submission requirements. But I’m getting there. Hopefully I’ll be able to come to a final decision in March.

And as always, I strive to give fewer fucks!

I hope you all had an amazing February and an even more amazing March. 😘

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