Musings on Fall 2016 TV: Hits and Misses

When a television show is good, well when it is to me, it’s like magic. It combines all these different, varying elements and creates this tale that draws me in, envelops me in this wave of unique storytelling and takes me on a journey that I don’t want to leave most of the time. That’s what good television is supposed to do, it whisks you … Continue reading Musings on Fall 2016 TV: Hits and Misses

The Perfect Binge-Watch: The Musketeers (BBC)

The BBC version of The Musketeers appeared on television screens in 2014 and concluded its three series run earlier this year, and what a run it was. With three series and only thirty episodes, The Musketeers, is really a show that is just waiting to be binged, which is what I did this summer and why I’m suggesting you should too. The Musketeers combines some … Continue reading The Perfect Binge-Watch: The Musketeers (BBC)

Superhero Showdown #1 (prequel)

Jan 4-8 2016  This post kicks off a weekly column where I’ll be talking about my about my favourite comic book based TV shows currently on the air. New posts will appear every Friday. So how, you ask, is the format of these weekly posts going to be different from all the other recaps out there? Well, because I’m doing it my way, that’s how. … Continue reading Superhero Showdown #1 (prequel)