June & July 2017 | Book Musings

It is officially August, meaning we’ve already passed the midway point of 2017. It’s kind of crazy to think that is already August when I feel like we just started the year, but here we are. June and July were two very hectic and strenuous months for me and I don’t think the coming months will be any different. They may even become more hectic … Continue reading June & July 2017 | Book Musings

Best Book of 2016 So Far

In the first six months of this year, I’ve read about 30 books consisting of fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novel. I’ve enjoyed most of them, some more than others but cutting it down to one single book has been quite a task. But, I’ve done it. So here it is… the best book of 2016 I’ve read so far is…When Breath Becomes Air by Paul … Continue reading Best Book of 2016 So Far