Feb & Mar 2018 | Book Musings

As April approaches, I seriously wonder where February and March have gone. The past two months have gone by in a blur. Between school, work, and both of my parents falling ill, it’s all been a bit mad, to say the least. I’m slowly starting to regain, I wouldn’t say balance, but at least some of the solidity underneath my feet. I’m not a huge … Continue reading Feb & Mar 2018 | Book Musings

What’s on my romance TBR list?

To say my romance TBR list has gotten a little out of hand would be an understatement. (And that list only includes the actual books I own and/or have on hold. It also doesn’t include the list of books written down in my actual TBR wishlist notebook.) The majority of my romance reading is done digitally, which in my case is a double-edged sword. Reading digitally is … Continue reading What’s on my romance TBR list?

Spotlight on Rebekah Weatherspoon

The tagline on Rebekah Weatherspoon’s website reads “where happily ever afters are always in color” and it perfectly encapsulates the worlds that she creates in all her books. She quickly became one of my favourite and go-to romance authors after reading only one of her books (yes, she’s that good) and why I’ve chosen to spotlight her in this series. I discovered Rebekah and her … Continue reading Spotlight on Rebekah Weatherspoon

Hello. I’m back!

Hi. Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks. I announced on my Instagram that I was taking a little break from the blog to get myself all sorted and into a place where I wasn’t stressing out every minute of every day. If you haven’t checked out my bookish Instagram then you definitely should. (IG: CiviilyReads) I’m still a bit stressed but I’m definitely … Continue reading Hello. I’m back!

Lunar New Year 2018: A Reflection

The one thing, that above all else, the food, the celebrations, the traditions, even the lai see (red envelopes), that comes to mind when the Lunar New Year rolls around is family. In China, millions of individuals leave the cities and bustling metropolises to go home for the New Year. They go home to celebrate the coming of the new year with their loved ones, … Continue reading Lunar New Year 2018: A Reflection