Superhero Showdown #1

Jan 18 – 22  It’s a bird? It’s a plane? No, it’s not Superman, no matter how hard they to wedge him onto a TV show, it’s the official start Superhero Showdown, a weekly review of the comic book based shows on television. Here is how it’s going to go: 3 rounds, 5 shows, and only 1 victor. Let’s get started. Round 1: First one to … Continue reading Superhero Showdown #1

Felicity Smoak Pop Funko Giveaway! [Ended]

  The Felicity Smoak Pop Funko has arrived! The word excited does not even fully encompass how I felt when I found out that Felicity was getting her own Pop Funko! I was seriously excited (insert fangirl screaming and tears of joy). I was finally able to get my hands on them today thanks to some persistence, badgering, and having them put me on an … Continue reading Felicity Smoak Pop Funko Giveaway! [Ended]

Felicity Smoak, Badass Since Always

Felicity Smoak is one of my most adored characters on TV, ever. And I’ve watched a lot of television. She is one of the most intelligent characters, not just in any of the comic book based TV shows on air today but the entire landscape of television. But she’s not just intelligent, she’s not just that one attribute. She’s resourceful, and kind, determined, and brave, … Continue reading Felicity Smoak, Badass Since Always

Superhero Showdown #1 (prequel)

Jan 4-8 2016  This post kicks off a weekly column where I’ll be talking about my about my favourite comic book based TV shows currently on the air. New posts will appear every Friday. So how, you ask, is the format of these weekly posts going to be different from all the other recaps out there? Well, because I’m doing it my way, that’s how. … Continue reading Superhero Showdown #1 (prequel)