Fiction Recs by AAPI Authors | 2020 Edition

About two years ago I wrote several blog posts dedicated to recommending books written by AAPI authors – ranging from romance to non-fiction and everything in between. To commemorate this year’s Asian Heritage Month in Canada and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the U.S., I’m going to be posting an updated list of recommendations of books written by AAPI authors. These are … Continue reading Fiction Recs by AAPI Authors | 2020 Edition

Winter 2020 | Reflection

Hi, it’s been a while. Spring is finally on the horizon. Well, hopefully, because I’m really tired of the snow and shovelling and the cold, bone-chilling winter weather. These last two months have felt like the longest two months of the whole year, January in particular. It felt like the first month of the New Year would not end and just kept going and going … Continue reading Winter 2020 | Reflection

Favourite Books So Far of 2019

I’ve read a fair number of books so far this year, surpassing the 50-book goal that I set nearly every year. It’s a goal that I didn’t reach last year, which makes me revel in the feeling that I at least accomplished one of the goals I set for 2019. But enough of that – let’s get to my favourite books I read so far … Continue reading Favourite Books So Far of 2019

Reflections | Summer 2019

September is my reset. It’s the month that I hit restart. It is the most natural month to do so after spending the majority of my life in school. And after the summer that I had, it’s the best way to start things anew for the upcoming months ahead. My summer didn’t turn out the way that I had expected to. I had decided that … Continue reading Reflections | Summer 2019

Mulan 2020: A Retelling, Not a Remake

Nothing can quite compare to the memories, the feelings, and unique space that exists when you see yourself reflected on the big screen as a child. For me, that special spot, those memories and feelings belong to Disney’s 1998 animated Mulan. I’ve previously written about how much that movie and the character of Mulan meant and continue to mean to me to this day (LINK). … Continue reading Mulan 2020: A Retelling, Not a Remake