50 Book Pledge

One of my challenges for 2019 is to read 50 books in 52 weeks. Books will include novels, fiction and non-fiction, short story anthologies, and graphic novels (either a trade or a combination of 3 or more issues). The books that are listed below are books that I have finished reading.

  1. Acute Reactions – Ruby Lang
  2. Clean Breaks – Ruby Lang
  3. Becoming – Michelle Obama
  4. Bingo Love: Jackpot Edition – Tee Franklin, Jenn St-Onge, Joy San, & Others
  5. Reflections: A Twisted Tale – Elizabeth Lim
  6. A Hollywood Ever After – Nadia Lee
  7. 99 Percent Mine – Sally Thorne
  8. Ms. Marvel, issues #36 – 38 – G.Willow Wilson, Nico Leon, Ian Herring, & Co.
  9. The Demon Crown – James Rollins
  10. Rock Hard – Nalini Singh


* Indicates that these titles were read in a combination per the 3 single issue comic/ 1 book status

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