Superhero Showdown #5

Feb 15 to 19 

In all the frightening tales we hear as children, we are told that the monsters, the cruellest, deadliest, most terrifying monsters are the ones that hide in the darkness, lurk in the shadows, and stomp, stomp, stomp through the night. But as adults we know better, sometimes the scariest, most terrifying, and dangerous monsters are the ones that lurk just beneath the skin and of our own creations. Everyone has a monster. It’s just a question of how long you can keep it under wraps. You know the rules: 5 shows (well 4 this week), 3 rounds, and only 1 victor.

And here we go.

Round 1: 


The onslaught of hits that continue to pound Arrow continues, knocking it out of the ring first this week. It ain’t pretty when you hit rock bottom, especially when you’re covered in bullshit. (I do hope that it doesn’t go below rock bottom, but I fear it might.)

The Pain: Why you lying, Oliver? Why the hell you lying? Stop lying and tell Felicity the truth, Oliver. Also, Thea’s validation of your continued falsehood does not mean that you can continue to keep lying. It will do nothing to ease that guilt that is presently growing in your gut. Tell Felicity the truth, Oliver. Tell her! If you can’t already tell, I am not a fan of Oliver’s long lost child storyline. The choice to have Oliver hide and lie to Felicity, his fiancée, the love of his life, the person he intends to marry and most likely have more children with, about a child he fathered because apparently both parties forgot about any form of contraception a decade ago, is total and complete bullshit! There is just no logic to this storyline. No logic at all. Not only is there no logic to the storyline, it’s also starting to taint the love and happiness that is Olicity. With every happy, beautiful, awww-inducing Olicity moment, I am struck with the incessant realization that Oliver is lying. He’s lying. And it sucks because these moments of love and happiness have this giant shoe-child-storyline hanging over its head, waiting to drop. The lie has created its own monster, and it’s snarling to be released.  

The Pleasure: Is there anything better than Smoak women? No. Rhetorical question you say? I agree. You are sure to either laugh or have you heart melt, but most likely both, whenever Donna and Felicity share a scene together. The mother-daughter dynamic between Felicity and Donna is one of the best on television today. The immensity of love, respect and ferocious protectiveness that these two women share and possess individually is astounding. They both share the ability to appear unassuming or non-threatening, but when push comes to shove both of these women can skewer you with a look or a stroke of a key and have you on your knees. They’re remarkable, in every sense of the word. Felicity may have learnt heartbreak from her father, but it was her mother who taught her how to shore up that heartbreak and become stronger from it. That strength will be needed when the secrets and lies that have been running rampant in come to light.

Lingering Questions: Could the writers have been more obvious that a certain someone is hiding something from his fiancée? Who else felt a bit grossed out at SmoaknLance? I mean good for them, but I don’t want to see any of that. It’s like watching your own parents and just no. Sorry. Who else thought that nail gun was just a little off centre? Is there something even higher than redline on Mama Smoak’s BS detector? How did Darhk get his hands so easily on William? Did Sam just send him off with Darhk? I mean there is a freaking meta-human creating earthquakes and brining down buildings in Central City. You’d think she’d keep a better eye on her child? Also why does William seem so at ease at Darhk’s house? Did he get a sparkle bomb invitation for a play date with Darhk’s daughter?

Ratings: 2/5 

Round 2: 


The Legends of Tomorrow participated in some lite Soviet gulag prison breaking on this week’s episode. But not everyone was pulling their weight, landing them in a well fought for third place.

The Pain: A Soviet gulag is not the place to make friends, Dum Dum Palmer. It’s just not. I really didn’t think that Palmer’s inability to gain more people skills could have gotten more annoying, but they got more annoying in this episode. Granted it did help him distract the Soviet interrogator from walloping on Heat Wave but it didn’t help save him in that prison yard. I’m really hoping that Dum Dum is absorbing all these different experiences and learning from them. He’s a genius with a super suit, but he is neither a soldier nor legend and he really needs to start working on that if he wants to continue to survive and fight another day. He really needs to get some spy lessons from Spy Daddy Stein and Snart.

The Pleasure: In an ensemble show like Legends, some characters will rise to the top while others sink to the bottom. Sara, Snart, and Rip are fast becoming the characters at the top. Not only do they have inimitable skills, there is also a depth to the three of them that the others don’t possess. Yes, we’ve had a greater chance to explore their backstories, their mindsets, and motivations, but there’s also something greater too. We saw Snart and Rip play the angel and the devil, respectively, on Sara’s shoulders this week. Sara’s soul has been insurmountably darkened since she stepped foot onto the Gambit all those years ago. That darkness has created a monster that she fears, that she cannot completely control, that is roaring to be released. As much as this show is about defeating Vandal Savage and saving the world, it’s also about each of these individual misfits saving themselves and each other.

Lingering Questions: Was Snart hiding all his Prison Break tattoos under that robe? I would have probably bet on if Ray was alive or dead too, if I were those Soviet gulag guards. Does everyone who becomes Firestorm have to wear leather? Does leather make the conduction of nuclear firepower better? Who else is wondering about Rip’s lineage? Why did you name your son Jonas, Rip? Who else shouted in happiness as they saw the Smoak Technologies building in Star City 2046? Who is the man under the Green Arrow hood now? And how is he related to Oliver and the Green Arrow crusade?

Ratings: 3/5



The adventure continues on Earth-2 on The Flash this week and they accomplished what they set out to do. Add that to the fact that Jay Garrick has been returned to Earth-2 and The Flash is ejected only second last from the ring! Bravo!

The Pain: Goodbye Earth-2. It was a pleasure. You could have showed us Earth-2 Felicity Smoak, just saying. It would have been awesome. You brought a sense of fun and excitement that had been missing from the show for a while. I’m glad that you kept Jay and we get to keep Harry. I am not at all sad that we don’t have to see Barry-2 once more. I’m really glad Earth-1 Barry has the composure he has because Earth-2 Barry had none this episode. The amount of times Barry-2 freaked out over being held hostage, almost discovered by Zoom, and finding Zoom’s lair was mind blowing. Barry-2 is almost as annoying as Dum Dum Palmer. (It’s a very tight race though.) Goodbye, so long. We’ll probably see you again once more.

The Pleasure: Team Flash actually accomplished what they set out to do when they transported themselves from Earth-1 to Earth-2 Central City. They rescued Jess from Zoom’s clutches. It took some major manoeuvring on both sides of the portal, but both teams were able to work together and get the job done. Earth-1’s Team Flash stabilized the Looking Glass portal and took out the Geomancer. High five, Team 1. Earth-2’s Team Flash had a little harder time achieving their goal but they got there. Luckily they were able to convince Killer Frost to join their rag-tag team and infiltrate Zoom’s lair. Inner doubts and demons ran about this episode for both teams but by working together, they were able to overcome them all the odds and accomplish their goals. Yay!

Lingering Questions: Who is the other prisoner that Zoom is keeping locked up? Why is he so interested in Jay Garrick? Could he be the real Jay Garrick and the Jay Garrick that has been on Earth-1 a doppelgänger? Did anyone else think Killer Frost was going to break out in song and sing “Let it go” when she started making that staircase to Zoom’s lair? Also, Killer Frost is probably toast right? Now that Harry and Jess and somewhat permanently stuck on Earth-1, where are they going to live? I mean how many floors of Star Labs can they turn into housing? Why did Zoom take Jay Garrick?

Ratings: 3.5/5

Round 3: 



Agent Carter walloped the competition this week and retains their victorious status this week. This week’s two-hour episode was action packed, filled with excitement, anticipation, bits of happiness, and whole lot of surprises.

The Pain: Vernon Masters became the head of the LA division of the SSR and Thompson showed his face. I neither like nor enjoy seeing these two on my screen but it definitely could have been worse. These are for sure going to muck up Peggy’s plan and throw the 1940s intelligence community into a dizzy. I’m excitedly waiting for Peggy to head up the creation and management of the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division. Especially if it means we can kick these two bozos out the door.

The Pleasure: Peggy Carter is arguably one of the best female characters on screen today. She exudes a strength and confidence and a position in the US intelligence community that few women had in the 1940s but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t make mistakes or is invulnerable to the pressures of the world in which she works and lives in. Peggy has multiple sides to her, the agent that we see when she’s in the office, the many characters she plays when she’s in the field, and the woman outside of the SSR who’s trying to figure out her life. Every episode of Agent Carter allows us to see more of her different facets and it’s intoxicating not only because of the all levels that Peggy oscillates between but the superb acting of Hayley Atwell. It’s a pleasure to tune into and watch every week.

The entire two hours was just a master class in how good television is done. One of the central relationships within the show is between Peggy and Jarvis, while it has not had the same laser-like focus that it had last season, the dynamic between the two of them is still one of the driving forces of the show. There is an undeniable trust, respect, and understanding that both of the have for each other and we got to see all the facets of their relationship play out on screen these episodes. From the bickering prior to Jarvis and Dottie’s mission, to the heart-to-heart that they had in the car on the way to rescue Dottie, to the last scene where the two of them are in the hospital’s waiting room awaiting new on Ana, there exists a platonic but loving connection that is wonderful to see between the two of them. Team Carter may have been greatly expanded this season but it all started with just Peggy and Jarvis.

Lingering Questions: Whitney Frost totally takes the ultimate puppet master award, right? She had no qualms about eliminating and taking over the Council of Nine or her husband. What happened to the Tiffany & Co. necklace that Dottie was wearing? Who will Peggy chose? Sousa or Wilkes? Where did Whitney take Wilkes? What does she want to do with him? I wonder how the SSR will attempt to “discredit, disgrace and subdue” Peggy? How is Vernon Masters going to change the SSR to his will? Will the SSR revolt? Where did Dottie go? Will Ana survive?

Ratings: 4.5/5

Thank you for reading this week’s Superhero Showdown. Join me next week as I spout my thoughts about the comic book shows I’m currently watching on television. 😉

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