The start.

The beginning.

A time for reflection. A time for renewal. A time to rejoice.

The days get a little longer. The sun shines a little brighter. The air smells a little fresher. The bite of the cold lingering in the air seems less inhospitable.

The darkness doesn’t seem so frightening. The thought of the unknown stirs a feeling of excitement in your gut. The remnants of the year before disappear into the shadow of your memories.

That’s what January means to me.

Like that, 31 days have passed. It doesn’t seem real that we are already stepping into February 2016. But it is. It seems like only yesterday that the New Year had been rung in.

Time flies and here I sit, reflecting the challenges that I made myself that New Year’s Day.

I started my blog and I’ve spouted some of my thoughts on it. I wrote about diversity in media and its importance. I wrote about death. I wrote about my love of Felicity Smoak. I reviewed some of the books I’ve read this month. I even started a weekly column reviewing the comic book shows that I’m currently watching.

I’ve read a total of eight books this month. Which means that I’ve completed 16% of my goal to read 50 books this year all ready. Which kind of blows my mind. I read eight books in one month. I haven’t read this many books in a single month since I was in school. (International political economy is not as stimulating a topic as one would think it’d be.) Granted all the books I read weren’t 800 page tomes but they were still enlightening. Challenging myself to read 50 books this year has forced me to make time, to slow down, to use every possible spare moment to read books. I read during my breaks at work. I read sometimes while I’m eating. I read before bed. I read morning, noon, and night if I can. And I have loved almost every moment of it and cannot wait to continue.

On the reading more diversely front, I think I’ve done okay. Could I have done better? Probably. Could I have done worse? Probably. I read four books written by woman and four books written by men. I read two books written by women of colour. I read one translated book. I read three graphic novels. I read two books of fiction and two books of non-fiction. All the books I read were either centered on women, had women in supporting roles, or were written about women. I didn’t remember to Bechdel test all the books but the last book I read (Monstress) definitely passes it. I’m currently reading Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski.

Here is the link to the list of books I read in January (Link)

I started kickboxing again, which is really all I’ve done towards being more fit in January. I got to get better at that. And eat healthier for sure. I got 11 months left so I’m okay…ish.

I totally failed the drinking more water challenge already. I tried. I really did, but the constant need to go to the bathroom derailed the whole thing. Damn you tiny bladder!

I haven’t done a lot of purging both physically or metaphysically this month. I purged a lot at the beginning of the month and just haven’t really had the energy or time to continue for the rest of it. Hopefully that changes in February. I’m in the market for a new desk.

Traveling is always on my mind and I have begun planning where I would like to go later this year. For exploration, Chicago and New York City top my list of cities I would like to explore. New York in particular because of its energy, its culture, all the different boroughs, and most importantly all that food which sits in its limits that I would get to see and experience and eat. For purely vacation reasons, Costa Rica and Cuba top my list of possible beach vacations. (My best friend is obsessed, like Kristen Bell level obsessed, with sloths and Costa Rica apparently has many of them.) Lisbon has been calling to me (and not just because my friend who lives there is telling me to come visit her). Lisbon is full of culture, history, and food, food is very important, that are just ripe for exploring. Get your booty back up, Canadian dollar!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I have been circling going back to school for a while and it’s looking like its going to happen. I’m actually debating two, well three programs at the moment. One is at my alma mater. One is in Vancouver. The third one is in Toronto. I’ve already started the application process at my alma mater, which requires me to send in samples of my creative writing since it’s for a creative writing program. The programs in Vancouver and Toronto are both publishing programs. I’m personally leaning more towards the program in Toronto because it allows me to complete some of the courses through distance learning (which is favourable) and then complete the rest of the courses in a 12-week intensive course in Toronto. I’ve got to make a decision, and soon.

And as always, I strive to give fewer fucks!

I’d love to hear what you love or hate about January in the comments below or on Twitter.

I hope you all had an amazing January and an even more amazing February. 😘

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