Felicity Smoak Pop Funko Giveaway Winners!

I want to start off by saying I loved reading all your comments about why you love Felicity Smoak. So many of the reasons you stated are reasons that I love Felicity Smoak, which definitely made choosing 2 winners for this giveaway that much harder, especially since there were so many of you as well.!

So I’m going to be giving away instead! Surprise!


I pretty much bought out almost all the Felicity Smoak Pop Funkos my local store was selling, except one. I had to give someone other person the chance to buy her.

So let’s get down to business.

The winners are (in no particular order):

  1. Ash (@Alwaysagem) 
  2. Maria (@mamasmoaks)
  3. Can (@candizzles) 

I’ve already contacted the winners via DM on Twitter. So they already know who they are already.

For those of you that entered and didn’t win, I’m really sorry. If I had limitless amounts of money and Felicity Smoak Pop Funkos I would give you all one each, but I don’t unfortunately.

I will say that this my or may not be the only giveaway draw for Felicity Smoak Pop Funkos that I’ll be hosting. So stay tuned. 😉

I hope the winners enjoy their Felicity Smoak Pop Funkos and hopefully they’ll arrive and be in your hands soon.


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