Felicity Smoak, Badass Since Always


Felicity Smoak is one of my most adored characters on TV, ever. And I’ve watched a lot of television. She is one of the most intelligent characters, not just in any of the comic book based TV shows on air today but the entire landscape of television. But she’s not just intelligent, she’s not just that one attribute. She’s resourceful, and kind, determined, and brave, and has an inner strength that evolved and become stronger and stronger as time has gone on. She’s a hero. She’s fierce as hell and I love it.

The character drew me in from the very beginning and that is all on Emily Bett Rickards and the talent that she exudes. We must all remember that Felicity Smoak was only supposed to be a comic book Easter egg, and a one-time guest star. And now not only is she the female lead of the show, she is one of its anchors. She is one of the original three members of the Original Team Arrow. She is one half of #Olicity. Like a certain someone once said, Arrow would not be Arrow without Felicity Smoak. I wholly agree with that statement.

We’ve all been asking for more Felicity, more of her backstory, more of her since almost the beginning. The writers have given us a little bit here and there but no much. We learnt about her time at MIT in the episode titled “The Secret Origins of Felicity Smoak” in season 3. We also met her mother, Donna Smoak, last season. But there is still so much more that we haven’t discovered about Felicity Smoak, and the writers and the producers know that and are leading us about with slices of pizza dangling in our faces that are just out of our reach. Felicity’s codename being one of those large slices and another being the identity of Felicity’s father and what role he plays in the greater story. I will follow them until I have devoured the entire pie and ask for another one because I want more Felicity Smoak. And I am not sorry for that. (I am sorry for the food analogy. I haven’t had breakfast yet as I write this so I’m salivating at just the mere thought of pizza.)

We’ve watched Felicity evolve from a mere IT-girl, with a spine of steel and a glowing moral compass, one who inspired vigilante to find another way in the early seasons to this entirely capable, fiercely strong, fiercely protective, badass since always, CEO, and Oliver Queen’s partner in every capacity. I have loved watching her grow, watching her become the woman we see on screen today. She has seldom made choices or acted in a way that I have disagreed with. And we are about to watch another evolution in Felicity Smoak.

Season 4 of Arrow started in literal sunshine and double rainbows that were Oliver and Felicity entrenched in domesticity, and post-coitus glow, which I would’ve liked more of. Give us more Olicity coitus and post-coitus glow, Arrow writers! But it is Arrow and sunshine and rainbows don’t last forever. I’ve loved seeing Felicity not only in the capacity of being one half of Olicity this season (seriously, the two of them together, just touching offering the other comfort and support makes me melt) but I loved seeing her in the role of being a CEO. She’s surer of herself and her decisions and I love seeing that. Also who doesn’t love Felicity Smoak being Oliver Queen’s sugar mama?

We saw the first half of the season end in Felicity and Oliver getting engaged, with arguably two proposals, one in Darhk’s dungeons and the one public one. The literal glow of happiness and love beaming off the two of them was magical to see. That didn’t last long thanks to Darhk’s Ghost ambushing the limo that Oliver and Felicity were riding in, which ended in Felicity being severely injured. We now know from spoilers that, that attack has left Felicity with spinal cord damage and paralysis. Personally, I don’t think that the paralysis will be permanent. I do think that it will create a lot of strife and struggle for Felicity to not only come to terms with her injury but also overcome it. And she will rise from it. She will grow from it and become even stronger because of it. But there will be darkness before there is light.

We’re going to see Felicity struggle. She has been independent for the majority of her life and having to depend on others, for even the simplest of things, is going to be difficult. The looming threat of Darhk and his Ghosts, pressure from the Palmer Tech Board to deliver, the fallout from the Oliver’s baby mama drama is not going to help with the situation either. (I hate the baby mama storyline, still. I dislike it and want to slap Oliver across the face every time the mere thought of it crosses my mind.) Felicity is going to be enveloped in darkness but she will come through it, with the help of Oliver and her family. This will be another stage in the evolution of Felicity Smoak.

While I have hope, I do have some fears when it comes to this looming darkness. The most prominent being Felicity’s condition using to prop other characters, which I hope is not the case. We had enough propping of tater-tot Palmer last season. No more propping, please. A mask does not a hero make. It is one’s actions that prove whether one is a hero and Felicity Smoak has done that over and over again.

Felicity Smoak can tackle any and everything thrown at her. She will grow from the damage left behind by Darhk’s attack and become even stronger for it. She’s got her wit, her resourcefulness, and a vast amount of determination, and people who love and care about her to get through this. Felicity Smoak is a badass, and that my peeps is something that is never going to change!

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