Hellatus, it’s almost over!

Between December and January there exists a period of time where our minds run rampant, our hearts sit on the edge of a cliff, and we drink excessively. And no, I’m not talking about the holiday family dinners where one of your relatives is sure to get drunk and start spilling family secrets like a fire hydrant that’s just been hit by a car. I’m talking about hiatus.

All the television shows I watch end the first half of their seasons around the first or second week of December. Most end on a cliffhanger, a sure fire way to shock, awe, make you scream WTF at your screens, and book you a return ticket for the new year. Hiatus can get a little crazy. Some days it can be calm, peaceful and other days it’s like a GOP debate with all the candidates trying to talk over each other. Theories run rampant, some good, some bad, some you look at and you don’t even want try to get into it. Trolls and stalkers come out to play. In general, hellatus as it’s dubbed, sucks! And it’s almost over.

I’m going to be talking about a few of the shows that I’m going to be watching and what I’ve thought about them so far.

First up, Supergirl. Supergirl is another instalment in the DCTV universe, brought forward by the minds of Berlanti & Co. I like Supergirl. I think it’s a well-made, well-acted television show. They have some amazing female characters not only in Kara but her sister Alex Danvers and her boss Cat Grant as well. I’ve had a few issues with the show. I don’t need to be constantly reminded that Kara is Clark Kent’s cousin. I get it! The episodes have definitely gotten better as the show has progressed. They’ve focused more on Kara and her journey towards balancing her life personally and professionally while trying to save National City all at once. That’s the journey that I want to watch. They ended off the season with a reveal of Kara’s secret identity as Supergirl to her boss and a showdown between Kara and Non & Co. I’m excited to see where they propel Kara in the coming episodes of the second half of the season. Supergirl returns January 4th.

The Flash returns January 19th for the second half their sophomore season. I haven’t really enjoyed the second season of The Flash to be honest. I was already wary of the show after the finale of first season. The storyline and the addition of new characters (Patty Spivot & Jay Garrick) haven’t made me eager to watch new episodes. The addition of a sharkman and a another Grood storyline has further added to that aversion. The only real benefit that I see of having an Earth 2 is the return of Harrison Wells/Tom Cavanagh (and really one of the only two reasons why I’m still watching this show). Characters plot lines are everywhere and somewhat confusing, I’m looking at you Caitlin Snow, and nothing has really drawn me in. I’m looking forward to see how they try and figure out the mess of the second season and to see more of the main characters coming into their own (especially Cisco and his powers/the second reason why I’m still watching this show). For me, The Flash is sitting on a precarious bubble and hopefully it can salvage itself by the finale.

The return of Agent Carter is something that I have been looking forward to since the finale of the first season. I absolutely, whole-heartedly, loved the first season of this show. It was amazing. If you haven’t watched it, you definitely have the time to catch-up since the first season is comprised of only eight episodes before its return. The character of Peggy Carter is one of the most compelling female characters not only in the TV/movie comic book universes but also in TV in general. Her strength, her vulnerability, her confidence, her belief in the value of herself not only as an agent but also as a human being is incredible and compelling to watch. The chemistry between Peggy and Jarvis is definitely one of the highlights of the show. I cannot wait to see what season 2 of has in store for us. Agent Carter returns January 19th.

Agents of Shield, which timeslot is being filled by Agent Carter, does not return till March 8th. I cannot wait for its return either. The midseason finale was mind blowing to say the least! Season three of AoS has upped the stakes like no other show comic book based show this TV season. The storylines, the characters, everything really has been out of this world. It’s definitely its best season to date and has arguably one of my favourite episodes of television ever in “4,722 Hours”.

Legends of Tomorrow is newest addition to the DCTV universe from the minds of Berlanti & Co. and premieres January 21st pretty much making four of the five weekdays DCTV central. This is being touted as an ensemble piece with nine (yes, NINE) main characters with the The Atom (Palmer) and White Canary (Sara, the better of the two Lance sisters) leading the charge. The other seven characters include Firestorm 2.0 (RIP Ronnie), Rip Hunter (time travelling Rory), Heat Wave & Captain Cold (prison break reunion), and Hawkgirl & Hawkman (Flarrow really didn’t sell them to me). I’m really glad that it’s finally going to be on the air and Arrow can stop propping its lazy ass. The promo trailer was well done, as all promo trailers are supposed to. I don’t really have an opinion on it yet. I’m going to give the first few episodes a go and decide if the campaign to replace them all with Constantine should start.

Arrow, the biggest kahuna and my favourite of them all, returns January 20th. (Thank god!) Season four of Arrow has been one of its best seasons so far. It has a compelling storylines for its main cast members (it’s all about the OTA), a villain that is actually terrifying and not campy, a future death (I’m hoping for Laurel Lance), and all the gloriousness that has been domestic Olicity! The season ended with an Olicity proposal (insert fangirl screaming and crying) and Felicity being shot (holy shit!), possibly multiple times, by Darhk’s Ghosts. I’ve loved the season so far, other than the Baby Mama storyline. I hate that storyline as much as I hate durian fruit and I hate durian fruit. I’m excited to see what the rest of season four brings us. Hopefully more of the John and Andy storyline, Papa Smoak and Felicity back story, and Olicity of course (I need more domestic Olicity and another sex scene). I cannot wait for January 20th.

I’m thoroughly thankful that hiatus is coming to a close. Let me know what you’re excited to see either in the comments below or on Twitter.


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